Privacy Policy of the mobile VR application Emily VR

1. Application Emily VR is an mobile Virtual Reality Game, designed for phones with Android 7.1 and later operating system and iOS 10.0 and later operating system, which are compatibile with virtual reality software frameworks Google Cardboard (for Android and iOS devices) and Google Daydream (only Android devices) developed and provided by Google Inc. For using of this application, user needs an Virtual Reality headset compatibile with Google Cardboard or Google Daydream platform.

2. The producer and publisher of the application is Entera Studio, Ul. Wilanowska 4/16, 80-809 Gdańsk, hereinafter referred to as the Publisher.

3. Application Emily VR is a game provided 360 degree experience. User needs a safe place to play, where can freely rotate around it’s own axis. There is no need to walk or move in any direction – however, there is a need to freely rotate the body 360 degrees. By starting this game, user declares that user understand and accept these terms and understand and accept that the developer of this game is not responsible for any personal injury and material damage caused by the player not providing a sufficiently safe place to conduct the game.

4. The application is a demonstration project of Publisher designed to present programming skills of the Entera Studio. It nevertheless remains a full-featured software for the end user.

5. The application is made available to users via a distribution platform software:

for Android – Google Play – led by Google Inc. based 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043, USA, and is subject to this platform Terms and Regulations available at:

for iOS – App Store Apple Inc., Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA, and is subject to this platform Terms and Regulations available at:

6. The application does not collect, share, and does not transmit any user data via the Internet to any servers subsidiary or known by Publisher. Publisher does not have access to user data and can not be made available to entities or third parties. Publisher does not has integrated the application mechanisms for collecting, viewing, control, transfer, or sharing user data. The assumptions Publishers and the best of its knowledge, all the data entered by the user in the application remain private, are stored only on the user’s device and are for the exclusive use of the user.

7. An exception to the rules described in pp. 6 may be a situation where the manufacturer of the operating system Android or iOS, which is available to application, Google Inc. or Apple Inc., without an agreement with the Publisher will introduce mechanisms to permit Google Inc. or Apple Inc. collection, viewing, control, transfer, or sharing user data with the operating system Android or iOS, which mechanisms, as the program depending on the operating system, the application will be. Google Inc. and Apple Inc. are a wholly owned independent from Publisher, has no obligation to consult decisions with Publisher, and the Publisher has no influence on the decisions of Google Inc. or Apple Inc., and hence on the programming mechanisms introduced at the level of the Android or iOS operating systems, on which depends the application Publishers.